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10 Best Rihanna Songs of All Time






Rihanna’s tossed-off vibe and DGAF openness disguise a relentless work ethic, resulting in an astonishing number of hits. Here are 10 of her best songs to date.

Diamonds” takes an unlikely route to anthem status, but Rihanna’s impassioned vocal swings invest Sia’s slightly cliched lyrics with genuine power. It’s a song about surviving a toxic relationship, and it still resonates today. You can listen to this music online on Mp3 Juice.

1. Stay

The lead single from her seventh album, this soulful throwback to the sort of ballad Otis Redding would do finds Rihanna in her most vulnerable state. The production, which accentuates her vocals and the instruments, makes it a true classic.

Mikky Ekko’s stripped-down piano accompaniment helps the sensitive layers of Rihanna’s heartfelt lyrics about longing and vulnerability shine through. The song has since become an anthem for heartbroken listeners.

2. Close To You

Rihanna oozes confidence and casual swagger on this chart-topper. Producer JR Rotem audaciously reworked a sample from Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love,” resulting in a global dance smash that was both fizzy and full of emotional complexity.

Her tossed-off vibe and DGAF openness disguise an artistry that can rival that of any pop titan. This song from her Music of the Sun album reveals her ability to control the pleasure center, something that many musicians spend a lifetime trying to master. A defining song for the Barbadian singer.

3. What’s My Name?

Rihanna’s tossed-off vibe and DGAF openness disguise her formidable talents and tireless work ethic. Her thumping club classics are a testament to her colossal presence on the dance floor.

Ballads aren’t usually Rihanna’s strongest suit, but she nails this soul-dripping song co-written with Mikky Ekko. It’s a lesson in how less can be more. Less tinkling piano lines, more raw emotional energy. This underrated track is a must-listen.

4. Unhinged

One of Rihanna’s most powerful songs, the collaboration with Mikky Ekko explores the complexities of moving on from toxic relationships. Its mesmerizing melodies and profound message make it a true fan favorite.

This Rated R single embodies the sexy-girl-with-a-heart-of-gold Rihanna is known for, balancing playful sexuality with heartfelt vulnerability to a resounding effect. Her shrewd ability to sniff out percolating trends and willingness to zig when others would merely zag make her a one-of-a-kind pop icon. The “Tainted Love”-sampling dance-pop smash was her first number one hit, establishing her as the pop star of our generation.

5. Disturbia

Rihanna’s 2007 hit changed her from R&B to a pop style that made her into a superstar. The song’s powerful synth melody and empowering lyrics are still a fan-favorite today.

The dance-inspired bop will get anyone’s feet tapping and bodies moving. The song’s production is flawless, blending electronic and pop elements to create a sound that’s both retro and modern. It’s no wonder the song is an unstoppable party favorite!

6. Love On The Brain

This classic Rihanna song is a ballad that’s about unconditional love. It’s a beautiful track that’s also very different from her other work.

Every pop superstar has that one club banger, and this one is Rihanna’s. Produced by a couple Norwegian guys (Stargate), this global dance-pop smash fuses Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” hook with Manu Dibango’s classic Cameroonian hit, and the result is a delirious earworm. It’s hard to resist. Don’t stop the music..! It’s the one. The anthem. The soundtrack to your best dance-floor memories.

7. Only Girl

Rihanna’s ethereal ballad about unconditional love stands the test of time. The production stomps with near-euphoric throbbing, and her vocal is direct and powerful without histrionics.

The nailed-on pop-dance smash screams “heartbreak” in its towering chorus, but the lyrics are more emotionally complex than that suggests. It’s a buoyant paean to the quick-fix method of forgetting one’s troubles, but with a deliriously enticing nightlife scene. It’s an enduring party anthem.

8. Work

This is one of the best Rihanna songs ever, and it’s the main reason she is so famous today. It combines R&B, dancehall, and pop genres into an incredibly catchy song that is sure to get people dancing.

Its infectious beat and catchy chorus make this a perfect song to listen to while working. It showcases Rihanna’s unique vocal delivery, and the lyrics tell the story of a complicated relationship between two lovers. This is a must-listen for all Rihanna fans.

9. Fenty

A thumpy, euphoric dance song that puts Rihanna’s vocal to the test. This is pre-bad girl Rihanna at her sexiest and strongest, with an ode to bouncing off the walls on a dancefloor that’s as infectious as Michael Jackson’s “Mama-say, mama-sa, mama-koosa”.

It’s one of the most iconic songs in her discography from ’07, and it’s the one that made her a worldwide pop star. It’s a combination of Caribbean rhythms and catchy R&B melodies, with heartfelt lyrics that make it an instant classic.

10. We Found Love

Rihanna’s tossed-off vibe and DGAF openness disguise a soulful singer with a remarkable work ethic. Producer JR Rotem audaciously adapted a sample from Soft Cell’s cover of Tainted Love, recasting it as taut new wave rock for this global dance hit.

The song’s haunting production combines drums, strings, and piano to create a dramatic sound. It’s the perfect way to showcase Rihanna’s ability to convey betrayal and heartache through her vocals. The result is an undeniable classic that stands the test of time.

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