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Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for lentil rasam with roast red cabbage

A dal buzzing with spices topped with sweet charred cabbage, guaranteed to revive you when you’re feeling sluggish

Do you have to salt aubergines?

Now that the bitterness has been bred out of the aubergine, the need to draw out the juices before cooking is a...

Caractère, London W11: ‘A bit of a trip’ – restaurant review

Playful, satisfying and occasionally baffling, there is lots to love at Emily Roux’s new restaurantHaving the name...

Harriet Birrell’s delicious dal bowl recipe

Easy to digest and guaranteed to satisfy the grumbliest of stomachs, dal with steamed rice is a nutritious dinner option

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for lemon risotto

The fruit cuts through the starchy rice, butter, stock and cheeseWhile they are as much a year-round fixed...

Cocktail of the week: Zuma’s lillet blanc

A luxurious white wine aperitif with fig liqueur, whisky and bubbles that is sure to cheer up any dark February evening

Kim-Joy’s recipe for bear biscuits: a cardamom, orange and chocolate delight

In the first of a new weekly series of recipes for the Guardian, the Bake Off star presents biscuits that children will...

Thomasina Miers’ recipe for vanilla yoghurt panna cotta with oat biscuits

Follow a rich lunch with this light, tangy dessert and tasty wafersNow that I have settled into...

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for red cabbage, sausage and white bean soup

A multilayered and warming dish based on the mountain soup-stews of eastern PiedmontAfter Christmas and new year,...

Get stuck into the marmalade debate

The Duchess of Argyll | Fortnum & Mason shoppers | Bird spotting | Sugar content of jamI...

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